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Title: Embedded Design of a Remote Voice Control and Security System
Authors: Subudhi, B
Patra, A K
Bhattacharya, N
Kuanar, P
Keywords: cellular radio
embedded systems
health hazards
mobile handsets
occupational safety personnel
process control
speaker recognition
speech coding
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Region 10 Conference TENCON, November 19-21, 2008
Abstract: It has been observed that modern heavy industries are plagued with hazardous working environments like high temperature, high voltage etc. that pose a severe threat to the life of a human operator. Most common examples are steel plants and mines which report huge losses of life every year. Thus, there is a need to develop a system which any human personnel can use to control a process without exposing himself to any type of prevailing work hazards. This paper describes a remote voice control and security system (RVCS) to solve the above problem. It is a system that can control any process (e.g. switching ON/OFF a dc motor for experimental purposes) from anywhere in the world by vocalizing appropriate commands into a mobile phone. The hardware of the system comprises of a GSM handset connected to a TI TMS C6713 DSP Starter Kit via a stereo audio cable. An authorized operator at a remote location uses his GSM handset to connect to this system located at the process site. The system prompts the operator for access authentication (security feature) and once authenticated the user controls the plant operation by voicing the appropriate predefined commands (e.g. starting and stopping a motor). The DSK kit carries out real time speaker recognition for access authentication and speech verification for decoding the vocal commands. The software of the system has been developed in ANSIC in Code Composer Studio Platform.
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