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Title: Timeýfrequency transform approach for protection of parallel transmission lines
Authors: Dash, P K
Samantaray, S R
Panda, G
Panigrahi, B K
Keywords: S-matrix theory
power transmission faults
power transmission lines
time-frequency analysis
transmission network calculations
wavelet transforms
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Vol 1, Iss 1, P 30-38
Abstract: A new approach for protection of parallel transmission lines is presented using a time-frequency transform known as the S-transform that generates the S-matrix during fault conditions. The S-transform is an extension of the wavelet transform and provides excellent time localisation of voltage and current signals during fault conditions. The change in energy is calculated from the S-matrix of the current signal using signal samples for a period of one cycle. The change in energy in any of the phases of the two lines can be used to identify the faulty phase based on some threshold value. Once the faulty phase is identified the differences in magnitude and phase are utilised to identify the faulty line. For similar types of simultaneous faults on both the lines and external faults beyond the protected zone, where phasor comparison does not work, the impedance to the fault point is calculated from the estimated phasors. The computed phasors are then used to trip the circuit breakers in both lines. The proposed method for transmission-line protection includes all 11 types of shunt faults on one line and also simultaneous faults on both lines. The robustness of the proposed algorithm is tested by adding significant noise to the simulated voltage and current waveforms of a parallel transmission line. A laboratory power network simulator is used for testing the efficacy of the algorithm in a more realistic manner.
Description: Copyright for the paper belongs to IEEE
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