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dc.contributor.authorNandi, Mrinal-
dc.contributor.authorTuruk, A K-
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of the 1st International Conference on Advances in Computing, Chikikli, India 21-22, Feb 2008,en
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dc.description.abstractIn Optical Network contention is one of the big problem. Contention occurs when more than one burst demand for same output wavelength channel in same time. Wavelength conversion and deflection routing are the methods to resolve contention in Optical Network. In this case of wavelength conversion if any contentions occur then one of the burst’s wavelength have to be changed from its current wavelength to another free wavelength channel. Another one is Deflection routing, in this case one of the contending burst is send in another route rather than primary route towards it’s destination. This paper is for investigating of the effect of wavelength conversion and deflection routing in Optical Burst Switched network, i.e. here comparison is made between these different contention resolution schemes using Queueing modelen
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dc.subjectWavelength Conversion, Deflection Routingen
dc.titleAnalysis of Wavelength Conversion and Deflection Routing in Optical Burst Switched Networken
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