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dc.contributor.authorBal, S-
dc.contributor.authorSamal, S S-
dc.contributor.authorMohanty, U K-
dc.identifier.citationNICE Journal of Emerging Technologies, Vol 3, Iss 1en
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dc.description.abstractCNT-based composites have been fabricated through different novel methods and were subjected to different environmental conditions. Flexural moduli of all samples were determined. The resulting composites possess enhanced or completely new set of physical properties due to the addition of CNTs because of their high mechanical strength. Effect of mechanical testing on composites has been examined microscopically by SEM through fracture surface. Results confirmed that nanocomposites pretreated with hot water are tough and those treated in liquid nitrogen are brittle. An improvement of the physical properties of polymer nanocomposites, based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs), is addicted to a good dispersion and strong interactions between the matrix and the filler.en
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dc.titleEffect of mechanical properties on fracture surfaces of carbon nanotube composites pre-treated at different temperaturesen
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