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dc.contributor.authorTandon, P P-
dc.contributor.authorSahoo, Bibhudatta-
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of 2nd National Conference on Challenges & Opportunities in Information Technology (COIT-2008), RIMT-IET, Mandi Gobindgarh. March 29, 2008, P 184-188en
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dc.description.abstractA mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is an infrastructure less distributed network without any central control in which each node jointly participate for routing. Topology of the network is not fixed and varies dynamically with time. Routing in such an infrastructure less network is still a challenging task. In this paper we propose a novel load balanced routing for mobile ad hoc network. In this approach load is defined as the number bytes of packets transmitted by the node and the number of nodes from which it is currently receiving the data packets. Route is constructed in on demand fashion. In our approach there is a provision for handling the data collision occurred by interference by selecting the disjoint paths. For each node contributing in routing a flag bit is set with the time limit TTL once the time limit exceeds this value flag bit is reset. By this flag bit we are able to monitor the data collisions occurred due to interference of the data packets. Each node keeps track of the number of data packets transmitted by him as well as the data packets transmitted by its one hop neighboring nodes along with their flag bit status for the current time interval, by limited broadcasts of hello messages. For relaying the route request the flag bits of neighboring nodes must be at reset status. By this approach we are able to enhance the performance of DSR routing algorithm for larger extent.en
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dc.subjectcontrol informationen
dc.subjectload balanced routingen
dc.subjectroute coupling.en
dc.titleA Novel Load Balanced Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networken
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