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dc.contributor.authorJena, H M-
dc.contributor.authorSuryanarayana, A-
dc.identifier.citationIndian Chemical Engineering Congress-2003 (CHEMCON-2003), RRL, Bhubaneswaren
dc.descriptionCopyright for the paper belongs to CHEMCONen
dc.description.abstractIn this work a seven plate, pilot plant type continuous bubble cap distillation column is used. Process dynamic equations are derived using lumped parameter approach, state variable and state equations. The plate efficiency used is 57%, which is calculated using total reflux condition. Using state equations theoretical step responses for feed composition change, feed flow rate change and reflux rate changes are calculated. These are compared with experimental data. Closed loop response studies are done using P and P-I controller to control top product composition by varying reflux. Since D-action software is not working, so P-D and P-I-D are not tested. Conclusions are drawn about the settings to be used on computer-controlled distillation column.en
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dc.subjectdistillation columnen
dc.subjectdigital controlen
dc.subjectanalog controlen
dc.subjectcomputer controlen
dc.subjectstate equationsen
dc.titleDynamics and Control of a Bubble Cap Distilation Columnen
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