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dc.contributor.authorSahoo, Rakesh K-
dc.contributor.authorSahoo, S-
dc.contributor.authorMallik, A-
dc.contributor.authorRay, B C-
dc.identifier.citation10th Conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences CONIAPS-X, January 12-14 2008, Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur, Indiaen
dc.descriptionCopyright for the article belongs to the proceedings publisheren
dc.description.abstractMultilayer of Cu/Ni of average thickness of 870nm were synthesized, by electrodeposition using single bath with different electrolytes at sub-ambient temperature under potentiostatic condition .The deposition is carried out with super modulated effect of ultrasound. Multilayer was prepared by pulsed electrodposition on the graphite substrate with different solutions. The nano order grain size of the bilayers, corresponds to kinetic control of either mass transport or mixed control of mass and charge transport of the electrode reaction. Attainment of this procedure was done by control over composition of bath and by application of ultrasound. The microstructure of this multilayer is systematically compared by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersed spectroscopy (EDS). Microscopic results show the highly agglomerated and smooth layers of both the nanostructure phase. The average thickness and grain size of the bilayers have found to be strongly dependent on the temperature, composition of the bath and presence of ultrasound. XRD results conforms the high crystallinity of both copper and nickel with a slight indication of intermediate phases of copper and nickel.en
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dc.publisherGuru Ghasidas University, Bilaspuren
dc.titleEffect of bath types on sonoelectrodeposited Cu/Ni Multilayer at low temperatureen
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