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Title: Effect of Boron Addition on the Dielectric Properties of Giant Dielectric CaCu3Ti4O12
Authors: Mazumder, R
Seal, A
Sen, A
Maiti, H S
Keywords: CaCu3Ti4O12
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Taylor&Francis
Citation: Ferroelectrics, Vol 326, P 103 - 108
Abstract: The recently discovered giant dielectric CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) has been reported to show dielectric constant value as high as 80,000 for single crystals and around 10,000 for ceramics. However the dielectric constant is also associated with high dissipation factor. In the present study, it has been observed that the loss factor of CCTO can be reduced by B2O3 addition. The low frequency dispersion of CCTO ceramics, which indicates Maxwell-Wagner type relaxation, is reduced by boron addition. Also the temperature dependence of dielectric constant is minimized by boron addition. From the present work it can be surmised that B2O3 addition can favourably modify the dielectric properties of CCTO ceramic for its practical applications as a capacitor material.
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