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dc.contributor.authorBhagadur, D-
dc.contributor.authorGiri, J-
dc.contributor.authorNayak, B B-
dc.contributor.authorSriharsha, T-
dc.contributor.authorPradhan, P-
dc.contributor.authorPrasad, N K-
dc.contributor.authorBarick, K C-
dc.contributor.authorAmbashta, R D-
dc.identifier.citationPramana -Journal of Physics, Vol 65, No 4, P 663-679en
dc.descriptionCopyright for the paper belongs to Indian Academy of Sciencesen
dc.description.abstractMagnetic nanoparticles have been prepared by various soft chemical methods including self-assembly. The bare or surface-modi¯ed particles ¯nd applications in areas such as hyperthermia treatment of cancer and magnetic ¯eld-assisted radioactive chemical separation. We present here some of the salient features of processing of nanostructured magnetic materials of di®erent sizes and shapes, their properties and some possible appli- cations. The materials studied included metals, metal{ceramic composites, and ferrites.en
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dc.publisherIndian Academy of Sciences, Bangaloreen
dc.subjectMagnetic nanoparticlesen
dc.subjectmagnetic nanocompositeen
dc.titleProcessing, properties and some novel applications of magnetic nanoparticlesen
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