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Title: Fabrication and characterization of a boehmite nanoparticle impregnated electrospun fiber membrane for removal of metal ions
Authors: Hota, G
Rajesh Kumar, B
Ramakrishna, S
Keywords: Submicron Fibers
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Journal of Materials Science, (Accepted Post-print)
Abstract: The fabrication of a composite electrospun fiber membrane with sorptive characteristics intended for removal of heavy metals was investigated. The electrospun fiber membrane was impregnated with nano-boehmite particles. The latter had been selected to increase surface area of the active component. Cd (II) was chosen as the challenge bivalent cation. The sorption capacity of the nano-boehmite was studied as a function of pH and time. Electrospinning was used to prepare the composite submicron fiber membrane impregnated with boehmite nanoparticles. The later was blended with the polymer to produce a homogenous mixture before electrospinning. Two polymers, the hydrophobic /PCL/ and hydrophilic /Nylon-6/, were chosen to serve as the support for the boehmite. The nanoparticles and resulting composite membranes were characterized using SEM, TEM, and XRD techniques. XRD data confirmed the presence of nano-boehmite particles in the nanofibers membrane. The membranes so prepared were challenged with aqueous solutions of Cd in batch isotherm tests. Atomic absorption spectroscopy results show sorption of Cd (II) by boehmite impregnated electospun membrane was possible and a capacity of 0.20 mg/g was achieved.
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