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Title: Modeling of Breakdown Voltage Behaviour of Leatherite Paper in the Presence of Void Using Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Ghosh, S
Mohanty, S
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: International Conference on Solide Dielectrics, Winchester, UK , July 8-13 2007, P 94-97
Abstract: This paper presents the modeling of Breakdown Voltage (BV) for Leatherite Paper of different thicknesses with artificially created voids of different sizes using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The study is essentially based on Partial Discharge (PD) mechanism occurring under step-stress condition. It was found in this study that the ANN seems to estimate the breakdown voltage within a mean absolute error of 1.13% for the data sets different from those of training data sets; however, they are lying within the range of training data sets
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