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Title: Predicting blast-induced rockdamage(BIRD) in burn cuts using acceleration measurements
Authors: Murthy, V M S R
Dey, K
Munshi, B
Sunil Kumar
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Proceedings of the Second National Seminar on Rock Excavation Technique(ROCKEX2003), April 7-8, Bhubaneshwar, pp 13-19.(NC19)
Abstract: Most popular means of excavation for horizontal drivages/tunneling is drilling and blasting. In an attempt to get longer pull, higher explosive per hole is used resulting blast-induced rock damage (BIRD). The present existing damage assessment technique is based on peak particle velocity (PPV). Geophone used for PPV measurement has an range upto 254 mm/s which is unable to measure in the near-field. Far-field measured PPV when extrapolated may not be able to determine damage threshold level accurately. Acceleration measurement in the near-field is possible with the presently available accelerometers and damage threshold level can be determined with a better accuracy.
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