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Title: Implementation of Composite Storage System in a PV-Integrated DC Microgrid for Active Power Sharing
Authors: Bharatee, Anindya
Ray, Pravat Kumar
Ghosh, Arnab
Panda, Gayadhar
Keywords: DC microgrid
composite storage system
virtual droop technique
active power sharing
Issue Date: Mar-2023
Citation: IEEE IAS Global Conference on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technologies (GlobConHT), Maldives National University, Maldives,11-12 March 2023
Abstract: To avoid environmental depletion and overcome the recent global energy crisis, the modern power system focuses on distributed energy generations (DEGs). The DEGs construct the backbone of modern microgrid technologies. But, the sporadic nature of renewable sources makes it impossible to supply constant power to the connected loads. Hence, along with distributed generations, energy storage devices are integrated nowadays. Integration of the storage units with renewable sources helps to stabilize the bus voltage and improve the quality of power supplied to the consumers. Here, a composite storage system (CSS) is taken for the study by hybridizing battery and supercapacitor storage. But these storage devices require a proper power-sharing technique for optimum utilization. In this paper, a virtual droop technique (VDT) is proposed for active power sharing among the composite storage systems. As the DC microgrid (DCMG) becomes the emerging trend in shaping the modern distribution system, a proper control technique is required for smooth and seamless operation. An improved power management technique has been proposed here for the DC microgrid to achieve better performance. The effectiveness and efficacy of the proposed scheme are validated through both MATLAB/simulation results and real-time results by using OPAL-RT technologies.
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