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Title: Power Management in a PV Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging System
Authors: Bharatee, Anindya
Ray, Pravat Kumar
Puhan, Pravat Kumar
Keywords: Power Management
Electric Vehicles
Net-Zero Power State
Integrated Charging Stations
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Citation: IEEE Global Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies (GlobConPT).New Delhi, India. Sep 23-25, 2022
Abstract: The prime objective of this paper is to design electric vehicles charging system that should ensure effective charging control as well as least stress on the connected grid. The operating mode of the system is chosen by a suitable control scheme such that the electric vehicle will get the power either from the photo-voltaic array or from the utility grid. Vehicle to grid (V2G) power flow is also realized for the improvement of stability of the grid during the peak demands. During implementation, the photo-voltaic system is coupled with the DC/DC boost converter, the grid is connected with the bidirectional AC-DC converter, and they share a common DC link. The smooth transition between two operating modes determines the efficacy of the proposed control strategy. This proposed power management scheme for EV charging has been validated through simulation results.
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