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dc.contributor.authorJHA, SANGITA-
dc.identifier.citationConference on Fractals and Related Fields IV, France, September 3-9, 2022en_US
dc.descriptionCopyright belongs to proceeding publisheren_US
dc.description.abstractThe fractal interpolation functions with appropriate iterated function systems (IFSs) pro- vide a method to perturb and approximate an arbitrary function. Sierpinski Gasket (SG) is generated by three mappings in the plane, each a similarity with ratio 1 2 and fixed points the vertices of a triangle. In this talk, we discuss the non-stationary fractal function on the SG. Also, we discuss the fractal dimension of the proposed interpolants under suitable assumption on the corresponding IFS. Further, we observe that the proposed non-stationary fractal functions have finite energyen_US
dc.subjectfractal interpolationen_US
dc.subjectSierpinski Gasketen_US
dc.titleDimensional Analysis of Non-stationary Fractal Functions on the Sierpinski Gasketen_US
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