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Title: Numerical study of laminar free convection about a horizontal cylinder with longitudinal fins of finite thickness
Authors: Haldar, S C
Kochhar, G S
Manohar, K
Sahoo, R K
Keywords: Free convection
Longitudinal fin
Horizontal cylinder
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: International Journal of Thermal Sciences, (2007), Author Version Postprint
Abstract: Conjugate numerical solution of laminar free convection about a horizontal cylinder with external longitudinal fins of finite thickness has been carried out. Fins alone contribute very small to the total heat transfer but they greatly influence the heat transfer from the uncovered area of the cylinder. Among the various fin parameters, thickness has the greatest influence on heat transfer. The rate of heat transfer is above that for the free cylinder only when the attached fins are very thin. For thin fins, there exist a fin length, which maximizes the rate of heat transfer. The optimum number and dimensionless length of the fins were obtained as 6 and 0.2 respectively when fin thickness is 0.01, the thinnest among those investigated in this study
Description: Copyright for the published version belongs to Publisher. This is author version Post-print
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