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Title: Color Image Segmentation Using MRF Model and Simulated Annealing
Authors: Mohapatra, P J
Nanda, P K
Panda, Sucheta
Keywords: (I1, I2, I3) color Space
MAP Estimate
Simulated Annealing (SA)
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: NIT, Rourkela, India
Citation: Proceedings of Soft Computing Technique for Engineering Applications SCT-2006, March 24-26, Rourkela, India
Abstract: In this paper color image segmentation is accomplished using MRF model. The problem is formulated as a pixel labeling and the true labels are modeled as the MRF model. The observed color image is assumed to be the degraded version of the true labels. We assume the degradation to be Gaussian distribution. The label estimates are obtained by using Bayesian framework and MAP criterion. The (I1, I2, I3) color model is used to represent the color and the MAP estimate is obtained by Simulated Annealing. Simulation results of both indoor and outdoor scenes are considered to validate our approach.
Description: Copyright for this article belongs to National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India
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