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Title: An experimental investigation on postural risks in floor mopping
Authors: Khan, Mohammed Rajik
naik, Gouri
Keywords: human body postures
Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA)
Issue Date: Jan-2021
Citation: *th International Conference on Research into Design(ICoRD'21), IIT Bombay, 7-10 Jan 2021
Abstract: The present study investigates awkward human body postures adopted in floor mopping by the push and figure-of-eight methods. Three mopping professionals each in three different height categories (5th, 50th, and 95th percentile person according to Indian anthropometric data) participated in floor mopping experiments conducted in two different laboratory set-ups. In the first set-up, continuous positional data of participant’s joints (wrist, elbow, and shoulder) were recorded using a six-dimensional electromagnetic tracking system (ETS) and angular variation of the joints was evaluated for the two mopping techniques. In the second set-up, the three-dimensional positional data of body movements were recorded using optical motion capture cameras in mopping experiments to identify Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) score at extreme postures. The total RULA score obtained in push (4.6-5) for all height categories is less than the figure-of-eight (6.4-6.6) method, indicating less postural load during push mopping technique. This research confirms that mopping professionals are highly susceptible to postural loads/discomfort and the need of ergonomic design solutions are essential to reduce the observed risk.
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