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Title: Authenticating resilience of RTL codes againstPower Side Channel leakages
Authors: Mohanty, Jaganath Prasad
Mahapatra, Kamalakanta
Keywords: Side Channel Analysis
Information Leakage
Power Attack
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Citation: IEEE-iSES 220, Chennai, India, 14-16Dec2020
Abstract: Electronic consumables in the digital era realises smart technology to the very core of innovation and challenges stereotypical livelihood. Within a few years the number of IoT devices will surpass the population of this world. Data shared among them is enormous which needs protection on the network . With such power, the hardware industry, specifically the Electronic Design Automation tool industrial sector plays a significant role, by making available the necessary fabricated chips embedded on the IoT devices. With the emergence of power analysis for side channel attacks, among various ongoing linear and differential cryptanalysis, a RTL code needs to be resilient to all of them prior to fabrication, before it is accepted as a design in the EDA tool process and delivered at the market as a viable chip. This work acts as an aid to the ongoing work on the different testing methods namely Six Sigma, Pearson’s chisquared test and Welch’s t-test for tracing leaks in a RTL code with a conceptual method for testing furthermore.
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