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Title: Boundary Detection in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks using Convex Hull Techniques
Authors: Mishra, Tapas Kumar
Sadhu, Jayadeep
Kumar, Arun
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks
Convex Hull Techniques
Issue Date: Feb-2020
Citation: IEEE Kolkata Conference CALCON 2020, Kolkata, 28-29th February 2020
Abstract: Perimeter protection aims to detect intrusions: these intrusions may range from agricultural fields to army base camps. The main problem concerning perimeter protection is edge or boundary detection. In this paper, two boundary detection algorithms have been proposed that use convex hull techniques to find the boundary of a static and dynamic wireless sensor network (WSN). Whenever a boundary node on a static WSN has to be replaced, our method chooses a new neighbor such that the overall area covered by the boundary is maximized. In the dynamic case, we demonstrate that the boundary of a dynamic WSN can be maintained in O(log2n) time, where n is the number of sensor nodes in the network, maximizing the coverage area of the network at all times.
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