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Title: Modeling of Drain Current and Analog Characteristics of Dual-Metal Quadruple Gate (DMQG) MOSFETS
Authors: Samoju, Visweswara Rao
Saramekala, Gopi Krishna
Tiwari, Pramod Kumar
Swain, Ayas Kanta
Mahapatra, Kamalakanta
Keywords: Quadruple Gate (QG)
Dual Metal (DM)
Transconductance (𝒈𝒎)
Drain conductance (𝒈𝒅)
Control gate
Screen gate
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Citation: IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems(IEEE-iSES), Rourkela, India, 16-18 December 2019
Abstract: This paper presents analytical modeling and simulation of output current-voltage characteristics, output conductance, and transconductance of dual metal quadruple gate (DMQG) MOSFET. With the help of above said characteristics, this work analyzes the drain current and analog characteristics dependence on device parameters such as gate length ratio and work function ratios. The results of the modeling are compared with those obtained by a 3D ATLAS device simulator to verify the accuracy of the proposed model. Finally, it is observed that the optimum performance of a fixed channel length device is possible with higher control gate length than the screen gate length.
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