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Title: Security-Constrained Unit Commitment for Demand Response Provider - A Stochastic Approach
Authors: Ray, Pravat Kumar
Jena, Chinmaya Jagdev
Keywords: Security-constrained unit commitment
Demand response provider
Ancillary services demand response
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (PESGRE2020), Cochin, Kerala, India, 02-04 January 2020
Abstract: Introduction of load flexibility is an important factor for achieving the demand Response. In demand response the load is also adjusted at almost all operational time along with adjusting the generation units. The demand response programs require the involvement of all retail customers, and also all the requirements of the independent system operators (ISOs) must be met. The proposed stochastic model is a long-term solution for security-constrained unit commitment (SCUC). The stochastic model for unit commitment is implemented by implementing different scenarios including random disturbances. This paper presents review on scheduling reserves by a market participant Demand Response Provider (DRP). The demand response provider has been found suitable for implementing of ancillary market and day-ahead market in the demand response implementation in the electricity market.
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