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Title: Security Vulnerabilities in Applying Decentralized Ledger Systems for Obfuscating Hardwares
Authors: Mohanty, Jaganath Prasad
Mahapatra, Kamalakanta
Keywords: Blockchain
Distributed Ledger
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Citation: IEEE-iSES 2019, NIT Rourkla,16-18dec 2019
Abstract: Security in daily transactions, not only in the financial sector, but also in various upcoming Industrial smart application areas needs a generic solution, out of the cat and mouse race, where frequently vulnerabilities are pointed out and a quick patch is fabricated to resolve the issue temporarily. An impromptu solution to this protracted issue will not be enough to solve on the long run, thus dedicated researchers have been putting efforts to their best for finding the real problem by asking the right questions. Through this paper authors have attempted to trace the current issues in handling decentralized ledger system using blockchain technology and discussed state of the art management in auditing hardware obfuscation techniques.
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