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Title: Headway in Quantum domain for Machine learning towards improved Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Mohanty, Jaganath Prasad
Swain, Ayaskanta
Mahapatra, Kamalakanta
Keywords: Quantum Computation
Cognitive Quantum Security
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning,
Quantum AI
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Citation: IEEE-iSES 2019, NIT Rourkla,16-18dec 2019
Abstract: A vital, transformative and impactful field on our society is levied on us by the incoming quantum computation and information technologies. The undergoing research on the interaction of fields of quantum computation with the machine learning and artificial intelligence is witnessing significant investigations. Evidently there has been a major demonstration of quantum enhancements in interactive learning tasks and the optimization of quantum experiments using Machine Learning sowing the seeds of interdisciplinary activities to improve their influence in our hugely populated data intensive digital world. The quantum mechanical world is evidently taking shapes beyond theoretical analysis with the aid of Artificial Intelligence previously uncharted. This composite review, to the best of our knowledge, makes an attempt to explore the recent headway for actuating AI and ML in the quantum domain.
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