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Title: Ultra-Low Power Solar Energy Harvester for IoTEdge Node Devices
Authors: Ram, Saswat Kumar
Swain, Ayas Kanta
Keywords: Charge Pumps
Internet of Things (IoT)
Wire-less Sensor Networks (WSNs)
Capacitor Value Modulation(CVM)
Resistor Bank
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Citation: 5th IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems ( IEEE-iSES 2019 ) Rourkela, India, 16- 18 December 2019.
Abstract: An Ultra-low power solar energy harvesting system(EHS) for IoT end node devices is presented in this paper.To provide an uninterrupted power supply to IoT nodes is a challenge. The solar cell is used as an input source and this low input voltage is boosted by using the DC-DC converter. The charge pump is used as a voltage booster and the impedance matching between the solar cell and the converter is achieved through frequency tuning and capacitor value modulation. A hill-climbing technique is used for maximum power point (MPP) achievement. The EHS designed is self-sustainable and the output is in the range of 3-3.55 V with an input of 1-1.5 V. The EHSis designed in CMOS 90 nm technology library. The simulation results validate the proposed concept and the EHS is consuming a power of 22μW, which is within the Ultra-low power range of IoT smart nodes.
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