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Title: Identification and Classification of Parameters for Woodworking Chisel Design
Authors: Singh Bisht, Dhananjay
Khan, Mohammed Rajik
Keywords: Parameters
Woodworking Chisel Design
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Citation: 17th Annual International Ergonomics Conference ‘Humanizing Work and Work Environment’ ( HWWE 2019 ) Jalandhar, India, 8-10 November 2019
Abstract: The aim of this work is to explore various verbal descriptors associated with manual woodworking chisels based on the literature published online by reputed woodworking chisel manufacturers. Another aim of this study is to identify sets of meaningful factors to which these descriptors could be reduced qualitatively. Verbal descriptors for chisel designs were collected from websites of 38 manufacturers. 4 design experts identified 3 basic kinds of descriptors based on the specific features described within them, namely - (a) descriptions about the blade (71 items); (b) the handle (70 items); and (c) the chisel as a whole (91 items). The experts also identified 3 categories of design-based descriptors, namely – (a) objective descriptions; (b) subjective descriptions, and; (c)descriptions of the performance, benefits or value propositions.Finally, card sorting technique was employed to identify 12 categories of functional domains underlying these descriptors namely - Accessories (A); Branding (B); Configuration (C); Finishing (F); Life (L); Materials (M); Output (O); Purpose (P); Structure (S); Treatment (T); Experience (X), and ; Usability (U). 232 descriptors were finally mapped to the 12 functional categories.
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