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dc.contributor.authorRath, P-
dc.contributor.authorMishra, S C-
dc.contributor.authorMahanta, P-
dc.contributor.authorSaha, U K-
dc.contributor.authorMitra, K-
dc.identifier.citationNumerical Heat Transfer Part-A : Applicationsen
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dc.description.abstractApplication of the discrete transfer method is extended to solve transient radiative transport problems with participating medium. A one-dimensional gray planar absorbing and anisotropically scattering medium is considered. Both boundaries of the medium are black. The incident boundary of the medium is subjected to pulse-laser irradiation, while the other boundary is cold. For radiative parameters such as optical thickness, scattering albedo, anisotropy factor, transmittance, and reflectance at the boundaries are found. Results obtained from the present work are compared with those available in the literature. The discrete transfer method has been found to give an excellent agreement.en
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dc.titleDiscrete Transfer Method Applied To Transient Radiative Transfer Problems in Participating Mediumen
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