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Title: TWHP (TYPE-WHAT-HOW-POSE): A Novel Nomenclature for Hand Anthropometry
Authors: Bisht, Dhananjay Singh
Khan, Mohammed Rajik
Keywords: Hand anthropometry
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Citation: 1st International Conference on Innovation in Modern Science and Technology ( ICIMSAT-2019 ), Siliguri, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India, 20-21 September 2019
Abstract: Hand anthropometry data collection of a sample population is a conventional and important first step during design and evaluation of any hand operated product. The purpose of this work is first to discuss some of the deficiencies in the use of hand anthropometry nomenclature in published scientific literature. Based on the limitations observed, a mnemonics-based novel nomenclature system called TWHP (TYPE-WHAT-HOW-POSE) is proposed for easy and efficient referencing and management of the names/titles/labels of different hand anthropometric dimensions. A typical hand anthropometry measurement exercise could involve measurements of features classified as distances, angles, and ratios. Within the scope of this work distance specific dimensions and the associated ratios have been considered for the TWHP nomenclature development.
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