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Title: Study Of Mechanical And Abrasive Wear Properties Of Lantana Camara Particulate Reinforced Epoxy Composite
Authors: Pradhan, Subhrajit
Rajkonwar, Amit
Acharya, Sameer Kumar
Keywords: Natural fiber
Lantana camara
Polymer composite
Abrasive wear
Mechanical properties
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Citation: International Conference on Manufacturing, Material Science and Engineering (ICMMSE 2019), Hyderabad, India, 16-17 August 2019
Abstract: Natural fibres have gained researchers’ attention as a replacement to synthetic materials for reinforcing material in polymers such as epoxy due to their advantages such as environment friendliness, biodegradability, renewability and cost effectiveness. Due to such advantages, further exploration of new natural fibres as a filler material in polymer matrix composites for different tribological applications is needed. Lantana camara is one such abundant natural resources whose potential as filler material in polymer composite has not been explored to such a level till date. The present experimental study aims at studying abrasive wear behaviour of lantana camara powder reinforced epoxy composites and their mechanical properties such as tensile and flexural strength. Composites having 10, 20 and 30 weight percentage of lantana camara powder were fabricated using hand layup technique to study the tensile, flexural, impact strength properties along with abrasive wear behaviour on a pin on disc wear tester. It was found that both the abrasive wear resistance and strength of the composite samples can be significantly improved by the incorporation of lantana camara particulates into epoxy. At 20 weight. fraction of lantana camara both the wear resistance and strength of the composite were found to be optimum. However, further addition of particulate (30%,40%) results in increase of wear rate as well as lowering of strength. SEM studies were conducted for the wear out samples to study the failure nature at the microscopic level.
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