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Title: Design and Analysis of Novel Room Temperature T-Ray Source for Biomedical Imaging: Application in Full Body Prosthetics
Authors: Adhikari, Saikat
Jayanthu, Singam
Mukherjee, Moumita
Keywords: FBP
Solid State T-Ray Source
Non Linear large signal analysis
GaN/AlN Super lattice
Room Temperature T-Ray Radiation System
Radiation Thermographs
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Citation: Second International Conference on Advanced Computational and Communication Paradigms, Sikkim, India, 25 - 28 February, 2019.
Abstract: The authors have designed and studied the super lattice terahertz device for accurate detection of cancer cell in a Full Body Prosthetic (FBP). For this a generalized non-linear simulator is developed and the same is verified by comparing the results with those of experimental observation. The model predicts that identification of cancerous cell in FBP could be done satisfactorily by analyzing corresponding thermographs. For T-Ray source and detector the authors have considered p++ -n- - n - n++ type Mixed Tunneling Avalanche Transit Time (MITATT) Device at 0.1 THz. The study reveals that the proposed device is capable of developing 10 W level of fundamental harmonic power at around 100 GHz. The authors have also studied the effects of modulation on electric field profiles for different phase angles. The simulator incorporates the physical and electrical properties of GaN/AlN super lattice, which include temperature and field dependent carrier ionization rates, saturation velocity of charge carriers, mobility, inter-sub band tunneling and drift velocity overshoot effects as well as hot carrier effects inter-band scattering of electron hole pairs in super lattice region. An equivalent circuit model is developed and analyzed for obtaining impedance and admittance characteristics. To the best of authors’ knowledge this is the first report on large signal modeling of THz Solid State imaging unit for thermo graphic analysis of malignant tumors in Full Body Prosthetics (FBP).
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