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Title: Mercerization Effect on Bio-waste Eggshell Reinforced Polymer Composite for Energy Saving Application
Authors: Dash, C
Das, A
Behera, S
Bisoyi, D K
Keywords: Mercerization
Bio-waste Eggshell
Reinforced Polymer Composite
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Citation: International Conference on Advances in Basic Sciences (ICABS 2019), Bahal, India, 7-9 February 2019
Abstract: Polymer composite from biowaste material have gained enough interest by its unique light weight, high strength,high corrosion resistance, affordability, pollution free, renewability and ecofriendly natures. These important factors are relevant to form an energy efficient domain which will boost the fuel economy in many engineering and industrial sectors. In present study, composite material has developed from waste chicken eggshells (CES). Existing hydrophilic semipermeable membrane in eggshell create trouble during the development of composite with hydrophobic matrix. So (CES)/matrix interface was modified by treating CES with sodium hydroxide chemical which better known as “Mercerization”. Structural, morphological, vibrational and mechanical properties were investigated both for untreated and treated CES particle as well as composites. Structural result showed an increase in crystallite size of ESP which indicated the additional crystal growth in crystalline region. A smooth surface with porous membrane were spotted from morphological study. Combinely, porous membrane and crystallite size increment facilitated the interfacial bonding between ESP/matrix which may cause the improvement in mechanical properties of composites.
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