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Title: Dynamic Behavior Analysis of Grass Trimmer Using Finite Element Method
Authors: Kuppa, Sampath Kumar
Lal, Mohit
Keywords: Ergonomics
Handle vibration
Handle angle
Natural frequency
Mode shape
Harmonic analysis
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Citation: 7th International Conference on Research Into Design(ICoRD 2019) Bangalore, India, 9 - 11 January 2019
Abstract: Dynamic behavior analysis of structural components is one of the important tasks in the design process of any mechanical system.Now–a–days research personnel are intended to carry out research in this area to increase the efficiency and functionality of mechanical systems. The vibrational characteristic is very important in many dynamic machine components design and analysis. Among these machine structures, grass trimmer is one of the most common machines that exposed to the dynamic and static forces, coming from the engine and rotating blade. Prolonged exposure of grass trimmer leads to hand-arm vibration (HAV) syndrome to the operator. In this research, the dynamic behavior analysis of grass trimmer is performed by taking the dimension of the existing grass trimmer available with workers at NIT Rourkela. In totality, nine numbers of models is developed by changing of the handle positions from cutter head as 1000mm, 1100mm and 1200mm at an angle of 900,600 and 450,alternatively. Harmonic analysis is carried out to evaluate the sustainable, dynamic behavior of the grass trimmer by estimating the natural frequencies and mode shapes. Based on the harmonic analysis, it is observed that model with 1100 mm @ 600 handle position from cutter head is the optimum position because at this point vibration induced is least as compared with other models. After finding optimum handle position, a new handle design is proposed with a rubber mount and a thin cover of thickness 2.5 mm attached in between the shaft and handle. The analysis is performed on new design and found that the root mean square (RMS) value of the average acceleration at handle position is reduced appreciably as compared with the existing grass trimmer.
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