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Title: Performance Comparison of Non-ideal and Ideal Models of DC-DC Buck Converter
Authors: Garg, Man Mohan
Pathak, Mukesh Kumar
Keywords: Buck converter
Continuous conduction mode (CCM)
Equivalent series resistance (ESR)
Mathematical Model
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Citation: 8th IEEE India International Conference on Power Electronics (IICPE-2018), Jaipur, India, 13-15 December 2018
Abstract: In this paper, the mathematical modeling of the nonideal dc-dc buck converter is carried out. The three important transfer function namely input voltage to output voltage transfer function, load current to output voltage transfer function and duty cycle to output voltage transfer function is derived in terms of non-ideal elements of buck converter operating in continuous conduction mode (CCM). All the major non-idealities which have an impact on the steady-state and dynamic behavior of buck converter have been included. The frequency domain and time-domain responses are obtained to compare the converter behavior in the non-ideal case and an ideal case. The MATLAB simulation results are provided to support the theoretical analysis.
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