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Title: SC-RAN: An Energy-Efficient Solution Toward C-IoT Implementation
Authors: Mahapatra, Byomakesh
Kumar, Rahul
Turuk, Ashok Ku.
Patra, Sarat Ku.
Keywords: BBU-Pool
Power Consumption
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Citation: 12th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (ANTS 2018), Indore, India, 16-19 December 2018
Abstract: The enormous increase of wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) devices increase the traffic load and corresponding number of base station (BS). In this paper, different scenario are investigate to reduce the power consumption by redesigning the BS architecture. Small-cell cloud RAN (SC-RAN) is considered to be a better alternative for reducing the power consumption and dissipation in the dense traffic area. Different issues are discuss related to conventional distributed radio access network (D-RAN) with respect to an SC-RAN. We proposed two different power consumption model for both D-RAN and SC-RAN by giving more focus on the energy control parameter of a base band unit. Simulation is carried out at the different traffic load situationforbothtypesofBSbyusingTU-ViennaLTEsimulator. The simulation result shows that around 40-50% energy can be save by redesign the traditional base station architecture in in to SC-RAN.
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