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Title: Structure, Morphology and Luminescent Properties in Eu3+ activated (Y,Gd) F3 Nanophosphors
Authors: Nanda, Sushri Sangita
Nayak, Priyanka
Dasha, S
Keywords: Morphology
Luminescent Properties
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Citation: 63rd DAE Solid State Physics Symposium (DAE-SPSS 2018), Hisar, India, 18-22 December 2018.
Abstract: Luminescence is known to enhance by suitably choosing activators in the host material as phosphor due to the intrinsic correlations among them. The lanthanides are best for this purpose and used as spectral converters for next generation photovoltaic applications. In this context, a series of nanophosphors is developed by doping Eu3+ in (Y,Gd)F3 (YF3: 5at%Gd3+, x at %Eu3+, 0x10) using modified hydrothermal route. The XRD, FESEM and Luminescence spectra are systematically studied to investigate the effect of doping. One significant outcome of the photoluminescence study involved the relative intensity variation of the emission peak at 720 nm. The observations in this case were subsequently explained on the basis of change in the local symmetry of the dopant ion and multiple energy levels associated with the activator.
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