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Title: Real time realization of highly reliable cascaded full-bridge interleaved buck inverter based APF using T1FLC id-iq control strategy
Authors: Patel, Ranjeeta
Panda, Anup Kumar
Dash, Ashishranjan
Keywords: Full bridge interleaved buck inverter (FBIBI)
Type-1 fuzzy logic controller (T1FLC)
Issue Date: Oct-2018
Citation: 44th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON 2018), Washington DC, USA, 21-23 October, 2018
Abstract: In this research paper, the multilevel cascaded active power filter using full bridge interleaved buck inverter (FBIBI) with Type-1 fuzzy logic controller (T1FLC) id-iq and multi carrier PWM control scheme has been modelled with no shoot-through phenomenon. The conventional cascaded full-bridge inverter are united of multi cell inverter and each modular inverter cell consists of two power devices in each leg, hence still suffers from the shoot-through phenomenon with decreased reliability. As no shoot-through occurrence in each modular full-bridge interleaved buck inverter of its cascaded multilevel inverter, there is copious improvement in the reliability as likened to other cascaded inverters. Additionally, dead time introduction does not necessitate in the full bridge interleaved buck inverter, as in conventional, which easily pushes the theoretical limit of duty cycle, and hence full energy transfer takes place to the load by pulse width modulation (PWM). The performance of multilevel cascaded full-bridge interleaved buck inverter (CFBIBI) along with the application as a shunt active power filter (APF) has been described in detail for different voltage source condition. Simulation and OPAL-RT experimental results are presented for the validation of this multilevel cascaded full-bridge interleaved buck inverter based shunt active power filter.
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