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Title: Multi objective optimization of WEDM parameters for low-carbon mold steel
Authors: Priyadarshini, Manisha
Biswas, Chandan Kumar
Chwla, Balbir Singh
Keywords: Multi objective optimization
WEDM parameters
Low-carbon mold steel
AISI P20 tool steel
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Citation: International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Allied Science (ICMEAS 2018), Katra, India, 14 - 15 September, 2018
Abstract: AISI P20 tool steel is widely used for making molds, punches and dies, where Wire Electro Discharge Machine (WEDM) plays an important role by producing intricate shapes and profiles. In this paper, attempts are made to optimize the WEDM responses i.e., kerf width (KW) and material removal rate (MRR) using Grey relational analysis while machining with parameters, i.e., Pulse-on-time (Ton), Pulse-off-time (Toff) and Servo voltage (Sv). The confirmatory test reveals that optimum parametric setting thus found using this multi-objective optimization technique gives better MRR with lesser KW.
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