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Title: Dynamic Survivable Path Routing for Fast Changing IoT Network Topologies
Authors: Elappila, Manu
Chinara, Suchismita
Keywords: IoT
Network Survivability
Path Survivability Factor
Signal to Interference and Noise Ratio
Path loss distance to Sink
Issue Date: Aug-2018
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications (IEEE TrustCom-18), New York, USA 31st July to 3rd Aug 2018
Abstract: IoT is the main enabling factor of the promising future communication networks. Several identification and tracking technologies, wireless sensor and actuator networks, distributed intelligence and other enhanced communication techniques are put together to establish IoT framework. Communication protocols and routing strategies in these mesh-like sensor networks should be carefully designed to cope up with the fast changing nature of the topology. This paper tries to propose a protocol in the real time network where the traffic is more and also congested by so many data sources sending their packets to the base station at the same time. The protocol selects the path with a high survivability factor at the same time it should try to select the one which has less interference from the other nodes as well as the environment. For selecting the next hop node, our algorithm uses a criterion which is a function of the signal-to-interference-noise-ratio of the link between those two, survivability factor of the path from that node to the destination, and the path loss distance from that node to the destination.
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