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Title: Exploring Molecular Intricacy with Non-metathesis Couplings Catalysed by Cyclopentadienyl Ruthenium (III) tris-acetonitrile hexafluoro phosphate [CpRu(CH3CN)3]PF6-
Authors: Sarkar, Debayan
Bera, Nabakumar
Keywords: Cyclopentadienyl Ruthenium
Non-metathesis Couplings Catalysed
Molecular Intricacy
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Citation: 28th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC-2018), Florence, Italy,15-20 July,2018.
Abstract: The demand for new chemicals spanning the fields of healthcare to materials combined with the pressure to produce these substances in an environmentally benign fashion pose great challenges to the synthetic chemical community. The maximization of synthetic efficiency by the conversion of simple building blocks into complex targets remains a fundamental goal. In this context, ruthenium complexes catalyse a number of non-metathesis conversions and allow the rapid assembly of complex molecules with high selectivity and atom economy.The ability of ruthenium to assume a wide range of oxidation states ( from -2 to +8) and varying coordination geometries provides unique opportunities for catalysis. These include reactions initiated by metallacycle formation, vinylidene formation, C-H activation, and activation of carbon-carbon multiple bond formations.The project would primarily focus on the studies of reactions of properly substituted N-protected propargyl alcohols and Michael acceptors in presence of the Ruthenium catalyst Tris-acteonitrile cyclopentadienyl Ruthenium(I) hexafluorophosphate [ CpRu(CH3CN)3]PF6. The reactions would be further examined with Allenyl ketones, methylene cyclopropanes, methylene aziridines and azetidines. Efforts would be executed to understand the nature of products formed and the mechanism involved. Ruthenium catalysed metathesis reactions have become useful worldwide whereas the nonmetathesis catalysed reactions to form carbon-carbon bonds is a relatively unexplored and new field.
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