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Title: Digital Image Correlation Techniques for Experimental Strain Analysis: A Review
Authors: Shukla, Nutan
Mishra, Manoj Kumar
Keywords: Strain
Digital Image Correlation
Contact based method
Noncontact based method
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Citation: International Conference on Recent Innovation in Electrical , Electronics and Communication Engineering (ICRIEECE-2018) , KIIT Bhubaneswar,India, 27-28 July, 2018
Abstract: Strain measurement is a key element of material testing. Various contact based units exist to estimate strain viz.strain gauge, extensometer, seismic waves, acoustic emission technique etc. However, these methods have drawbacks like sensitivity issue, susceptible to external noise, vulnerable to breakage, etc. As a practical and effective tool for in-plane deformation measurement, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique, a non-contact based method has gain popularity and commonly being used in experimental mechanics. This method deals with finding correspondence between images before deformation (reference image) and after eformation (degraded image). This paper is a critical review of a few aspects of the development of 2-D DIC and its approaches. The results of DIC application on a sandstone rock has also been discussed.
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