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Title: Sum of Ultra Maximal Monotone Operators and Operators of Type (D) in Grothendieck Spaces
Authors: Pattanaik, Suvendu Ranjan
Pradhan, Dillip Kumar
Keywords: Maximal monotone operator
Monotone operator of type (D)
Ultramaximal monotone
Moreau-Yosida regularization
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Citation: 10th Asian Conference on Fixed Point Theory and Optimization (ACFPTO-2018), Chiang Mia, Thiland,16-18 July,2018
Abstract: Here, assuming Brezis, Crandall and Pazy constraint qualification conditions, we prove that the closure of sum of an ultra maximal monotone operator and an operator of type (D) is maximal monotone operator in Banach spaces which satisfy Grothendieck and weakly compactly generated properties.
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