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Title: Preparation and characterization of chromium-copper supported biogenic catalyst from rice husk
Authors: Sahoo, A
Gowthami, G V V
Mohapatra, S S
Keywords: Biogenic catalyst
Waste biomass
Rice husk
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Citation: 8th International Conference on Environment Science and Engineering (ICESE 2018),Barcelona, Spain, 11-13 March, 2018.
Abstract: Attempt was made to prepare the biogenic catalyst from waste biomass with the support of chromium and copper metals. Metal modified silica catalysts were prepared by incorporating the metals like chromium and copper into silica matrix. In the present work the rice husk samples were pre-treated with different acids and then the samples were subjected to pyrolysis under controlled burning conditions. Pyrolysis operation was carried out at different temperatures in a furnace to get maximum rice husk ash. Ash thus produced was then leached by alkalis. Alkali-leached solution was then titrated with HCl. The silica catalysts thus prepared were characterized by different characterization techniques i.e. BET, SEM, EDX and XRD analysis by which amorphous nature of silica was confirmed. The average surface area and total pore volume were obtained by using N2 adsorption-desorption calculations by BET analysis. Oxidation of styrene was carried out for the prepared metal modified catalyst at different pH levels. The products formed were analysed by GC-MS. A better conversation was found at lower pH. Obtained high surface areas further confirmed the amorphous nature of the prepared sample. Studies on the characteristics-properties of the prepared samples confirmed the catalytic nature implying the development of good biogenic catalyst.
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