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Title: Optimal Power Flow Using A New Evolutionary Approach: Animal Migration Optimization
Authors: Chinta, Pridhvi
Subhashini, K. R
Satapathy, J. K
Keywords: Large-scale power systems
Optimal power flow
Fuel cost
IEEE-57 bus
Issue Date: Apr-2018
Citation: IEEE International Conference on Innovative Technologies in Engineering 2018 (ICITE OU), Hyderabad, India, 11 - 13 April, 2018
Abstract: A relatively new technique to solve the optimal power flow (OPF) problem inspired by the animal migration represented as Animal Migration Optimization(AMO) is presented in this paper. The generators active power, the generators voltage, tap settings of the transformers, and capacitive shunt VAR compensating devices, define the search space for the OPF problem. IEEE 57 bus test systems are assessed for various objectives to determine Animal Migration Optimization(AMO) efficiency in handling the OPF problem after satisfying constraints. The numerical simulated results are extensively verified through complete performance measurements with necessary subsequent discussions. The achieved results confirm the effectiveness, flexibility, and applicability of the proposed AMO based OPF methodology in comparisons to other recent competing heuristic-based algorithms in the literature.
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