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Title: Influence of crucible Roatation Speed on hardness, Cast structure and Impact Properties
Authors: Ray, B C
Mohanty, U K
Verma, B B
Keywords: microhardness
crucible rotation
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Indian Institute of Metals
Citation: Transactions of Indian Institute of Metals, Vol 59, No 1 P 57-63
Abstract: An Al-Si containing 13% Si is cast in cylinderical, split metallic mould rotating at different speeds about it's verticall axis. Microphotographs of the castings are taken along the radii. Michrohardness profile are determinded across the cross-section and Impact-tests are conducted on samples obtained from the castings produced at different speeds of rotation of the mould. the speed of ratation is seen to have apositive effect on grain fefinement and distribution of the constituent phases, the effect being optimum at an optimum speed. This optimim speed of rotation of the mould is found to have resulted in an optimization of the Hardness and Impact properties of the casting
Description: Copyright for this article belongs to Indian Institute of Metals
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