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Title: Discharge Prediction Approaches in Compound Meandering Channel
Authors: Sahu, Piyush Pritam
Patra, Kanhu Charan
Mohanta, Abinash
Keywords: Discharge prediction
Meandering channel
Mean error
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Citation: International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Intelligent Water Management, Roorkee, India, 16 - 19 February, 2018
Abstract: Natural or artificial channels are composed of a deep main channel and shallow floodplain flanked either to its one or both sides. When water overflows it’s in banks and reaches overbank region, it causes severe damage in the floodplain coverage, therefore it necessitates accurate estimation of discharge prediction for the remedial measures. In this paper, various discharge prediction approaches like Single Channel Method (SCM), Divided Channel Methods (DCM) have been demonstrated. For evaluation of the value of manning’s ‘n’, different roughness formulae have been considered. These approaches are also applied to the various researchers’ data sets. For a comparative study, graphs have been plotted between actual discharge and predicted discharge for various researchers’ data sets. The mean percentage of error has been calculated to evaluate the suitable approach for discharge assessment in the compound meandering channel. Again, for more refinement standard deviation of the mean percentage error has been shown. Stage-Discharge curve has also been drawn for the best suitable methods.
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