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Title: Investigation on effect of temperature on carbonization of castor leaves
Authors: Kumar, Sudhanshu
Pattnaik, D
Bhuyan, S. K
Mishra, S. C
Keywords: Castor oil
Castor leaves
Dry castor leaf
Carbonization of the dried leaves
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Citation: 7th National Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials (NCPCM 2017), NIT Rourkela, Odisha, India, 08 - 09 December, 2017.
Abstract: The castor oil is used for different purposes i.e. as a fuel and some medical uses since long. At least, all over India people are using castor oil for its cost (cheaper) and having usefulness for faster hair growth in the head, and provide protein for hair to make the long lasting and increasing the strength, softness of hair. Observing its usefulness, the present piece of research work is aimed that producing bio char /carbon compounds, anticipating a high carbon content extraction. The dry castor leaf is collected and again dried and proximate analysis is made; which shows 15.5% of fixed carbon. Carbonization of the dried leaves are made in temperature range 250 °C, 350 °C, 450 °C, 600 °C and 900 °C. The carbonized sample are subjected to FTIR analysis, which reveals the formation and transformation of different carbo and other bonds affected during carbonization. SEM and EDX analysis is made on carbonized sample to find microstructure and elements presents in the char. The C/O ratio is an important factor to study the utility of bio char in the agriculture sector for fertilizer purpose; and the variation of C and O contents with the carbonization temperature is noticed. It is observed that, C/O ratio increases with increasing the carbonization temperature up to 450°C and then with further increase in temperature, decreasing trends in C/O ratio is observed.
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