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Title: Impedance Study of sol-gel derived nanoparticle SrFe12O19
Authors: Sahu, Priyanka
Panigrahi, Simanchal
Keywords: Impedance
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Citation: International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (ICNANO-2017), Allahabad, India, 01 - 03 March, 2017.
Abstract: Polycrystalline Strontium hexaferrite nanoparticles SrFe12O19 (nano-SrM) have been synthesized by the sol gel method. The XRD analysis confirms the single magnetoplumbite phase and various parameter such as lattice constant (c and a),cell volume(V) , crystallite size (D) has been calculated from the XRD data and grain size in 166-250nm (nanometre) range was confirmed field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) image respectively. In this report, the electric transport properties of SrFe12O19 was systematically investigated and analysed in the frequency range of 100 Hz to 1 MHz and temperature range of 303K -503K. The relaxation behaviours were examined by considering both impedance and modulus formalism, to differentiate intrinsic (grain) and extrinsic (grain boundary and electrode polarization) conduction process. The contribution of grain and grain boundary was verified which appeared as a two relaxation process in the chosen frequency and temperature range. However, the sample experienced the absence surface conduction at room temperature.
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