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Title: Exploring Molecular Intrigues with Oxidative Dearomatisation
Authors: Sarkar, Debayan
Keywords: Oxidative dearomatization
Molecular Intrigues
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Citation: International Conference on Chemistry For Human Development (ICCHD-2018), Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 8-10 January, 2018
Abstract: One of such enthusiastic challenges has been in developing controlled generation of well-functionalized three-dimensional structures from simple planar starting materials, as it allows fast access to solve molecular intricacy at higher levels. Dearomatization of abundant arenes is considered to be the shortest and most powerful approach towards the goal.1This resembles a versatile transformation that has been considered an attractive and straightforward method for the construction of a range of molecular architectures from simple planar starting materials. The main advantage being the possibility of converting an aromatic ring into a three dimensional molecule generating multiple chiral centres in one shot, creating an aromatic C-H activation at the expense of aromatic energy. This not only fulfils the well-judged target of atom-economy but also empowers the scientific community to see through above thermodynamic stability. This would also directly manifest on atom economic dearomatization reactions which would absolutely solve the challenge of one-pot aromatic C-H activation for future use.
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