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Title: Moisture Absorption and Its Effect on Tensile and Flexural Properties of Luffa Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite
Authors: Acharya, Samir Kumar
Mohanto, Niharika
Keywords: Luffa cylindrica fiber
Water absorption
Tensile strength
Flexural strength
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Citation: 1st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (INCOM18), Kolkata, India, 4 – 6 January, 2018
Abstract: The present work aims to study the moisture uptake behaviour and its effect on tensile and flexural properties of Luffa cylindrica epoxy composite. Composites were casted with Single (SL), double (DL) and triple layer (TL) of Luffa Cylindrica fibre reinforced with epoxy resin by general hand lay-up technique. Moisture uptake tests of composites were conducted by subjecting the composites samples in three different environments such as distilled water, saltwater (5% NaCl solution) and sub-zero temperature(-5°C). The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) was found out. As the fibre layer increases the percentage of moisture uptake increased due to the high cellulose content. The mechanical properties of the composites were decreased with moisture absorption .Scanning electron microscope (SEM) studies were carried out to study the fracture behaviour of tested samples.
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