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Title: Modelling of Momentum and Energy Correction Coefficients in Meanders
Authors: Vishwakarma, Bharat K
Pradhan, Arpan
Khatua, Kishanjit Kumar
Keywords: Meander Channe
Kinetic Energy Coefficient
Momentum Coefficient
Depth average velocity
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Citation: 22nd International Conference on Hydraulics,Water Resources and Coastal Engineering(HYDRO), Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India, 21-23 December 2017
Abstract: Flow in meandering channel is quite ambiguous for natural flow systems such as in rives. Rivers generally follow this pattern for minimization of energy loss. However, several factors such as environmental condition, roughness are responsible for generation of this path for rivers. Due to continuous change in the direction of flow; flow separation, secondary circulation, turbulent eddy motion, and energy losses is caused. Because of the curvature of the channel, there is also a lateral variation of mean velocity in the channel. Therefore, the velocity and energy of a particle changes from point to point along the longitudinal as well as the lateral direction of flow. The fluid particle change its energy and momentum at different cross-sections along the meander path i.e. from one bend apex section to another with change in direction at the cross-over. In this present research work, the experimental investigation of velocity distribution along the meander path of a 110° simple meandering channel is carried out. The paper illustrates the velocity profile at thirteen different sections between two consecutive bend apex. The depth-averaged velocity along the path is also shown. Due to the variation in the velocity profile, the changes in the momentum and energy correction coefficients are studied and explained in this paper.
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